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Hotel lobby view from a guest room
Photo by Dylan / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

With hotels ranging from luxury and resort style to affordable and family friendly motels, you are sure to find something to suit any budget or taste. Contact us for our special booking rates.

Traditional Stays

Photo by Republic of Korea / CC BY-SA 2.0

For a local experience, consider a stay in a Hanok. Hanok houses are traditional Korean houses which are often hundreds of years old.

By staying here you will experience the traditional paper and screen walls, along with traditional "yo" mattresses and pillows.

Alternatively, experience life in a Buddhist monastery through a stay in a temple. Temple stays offer tranquillity and beautiful surroundings.

Outskirts of a Korean temple overlooking a town on the coast
Photo by Jason Teale / CC BY-NC 2.0


Seoul is renowned for its natural beauty which can be experienced at one of five camp sites located around the edge of the city.

With five campsites scattered around the city it is possible to find a campsite to suit all tastes.